Sandy’s impact on the Marist community

It is Monday night, and I’m in bed, multi-tasking by staying on top of Twitter, tracking the path and timing of Hurricane Sandy. I laughed in class during the previous week about the idea of Sandy hitting the northeast, but now it was actually going to happen. For precautionary purposes, I decided to call both [...]

Snow or rain, as long as we close

The best news a student can wake up to is a notice that class is cancelled for a half or whole day. School closings can occur for several reasons. These can be in relation to statewide testing, teacher conference days, holidays, or weather. Weather is an unpredictable factor that can unexpectedly [...]

Lack of snow, rise in heat cause severe hit to landscaping business

Lack of snow, rise in heat cause severe hit to landscaping business
By Jake Van Sant

While many New Englanders enjoyed the lack of snow and rise in summer temperatures, the 2011-2012 weather-cycle had a major impact on local landscaping businesses. For the majority of the population that does not work in the landscape industry, the [...]

Staying cool back at school

Since students arrived at Marist to begin their fall semester just over two weeks ago, there have been several hot days where the temperature has come close to 90 degrees. One of the toughest challenges for students is figuring out a way to stay as cool as possible for roughly the first month [...]

Marist students taking advantage of final weeks of summer heat

Marist students are flocking to the gym, running trails and athletic fields as Poughkeepsie has experienced a consistently hot summer.  The waning weeks of summer signify the days of 90 degree heat and sunshine until 8 p.m. are slowly coming to an end.  Students all over campus have begun ramping up their workout or fitness [...]