Marist students taking advantage of final weeks of summer heat

Marist students are flocking to the gym, running trails and athletic fields as Poughkeepsie has experienced a consistently hot summer.  The waning weeks of summer signify the days of 90 degree heat and sunshine until 8 p.m. are slowly coming to an end.  Students all over campus have begun ramping up their workout or fitness [...]

The truth about your drug addiction

Ronald Reagan once said, “I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon.”
What a remarkable observation, Ron! College students have been putting that same philosophy to the test for years. Coffee does in fact keep its drinkers awake for longer periods of time because it contains the drug Caffeine. [...]

Sleep hygiene can bring peace of mind and body to college students

American society worships those who can run on minimal sleep, rather than those who push other priorities aside to ensure a full night’s rest. In reality, however, the worshiped are suffering. Sleep debt, the accumulation of lost hours of the necessary 8-9 hours of sleep per night, inhibits cognition, comprehension, decreases effectiveness of the immune [...]

Marist named 3rd best college in the country for their Learning Disabilities Support Program

On Feb. 16, Marist was named the 3rd best college in the country for students with learning disabilities. To view the article published by, click here.
Marist has been enrolling students with diverse special education needs since the late 1960s. The Office of Special Services officially began the Learning Disabilities Support Program about twenty years [...]

The truth about tanning

The truth about tanning

With spring break just around the corner, young people are itching to get that summer glow. However, Poughkeepsie temperatures are still dropping below freezing, forcing Marist students to turn to the tanning bed.
“I usually go in the winter or right before I go home for a break,” said sophomore Demi Pappas, who tans one to [...]