The HuMarists’ “Matching Sweaters” review

Last Thursday night, I schlepped my way to the Student Center, walked up to the Nelly Goletti and prepared to attempt to enjoy the $2 “Matching Sweaters” show that the HuMarists were putting on, trying to keep an objective attitude about the whole thing.
And you know what? I actually did. Who knew on the last [...]

Registering for classes

Each semester students wake up early in the morning to register for classes for the next semester.  Many people feel that there are many issues with the registration process at Marist.  They complain about getting shut out of classes and often target this frustration towards the registrar.
In order to register for classes, students must meet [...]

Dina Delacruz, Dyson Cafe

Dina Delacruz, Dyson Cafe

Thanksgiving break is over. The time to sleep in is over; it’s back to work for everyone on the Marist College campus.  Dina Delacruz, who stands strong behind the counter at the Dyson cafeteria, has been back to work since 6 this morning.  Countless coffees are sold throughout the day to keep these students going, [...]

Percentage of students defaulting on loans increases

With the presidential election just over a month and a half away, many college students are trying to determine who they will vote for based on the candidates’ plans for education and more specifically student loans.  President Obama’s plan is for loans to be consolidated and helps students reduce the risk of defaulting on their [...]

Intramural chaos occurs due to scheduling changes

Marist College has a reputation for having students who are both athletic and sports-loving individuals. Therefore, it is no secret that more than half of the student population participates in some form of intramural sports program. However, many students who do participate in intramurals are rather displeased with the changes that have been made to [...]