Finding a new home

As fun as college is, students all look forward to being able to go home for Thanksgiving break and winter break. Many students who attend Marist College live a car ride away. But what about the students who live across the country, or even across the ocean? What do they do during [...]

Ya-Ya’s story and the Thanksgiving problem

Does the Thanksgiving holiday break actually do more harm for the Marist students than good? Think about it; students get a week off to temporarily escape their daily routines, only to come back to school abruptly after just five days and be swamped with work for the remaining three weeks that they are here. On [...]

Lowell Thomas sees increase in weekend hours

Lowell Thomas sees increase in weekend hours

At a recent administrative luncheon with representatives from Marist College’s Student Government Association, Director of Campus Security, John Gildard stated that Lowell Thomas will be extending the hours that it is open for access to students. The change comes in response to an expanding demand for accessibility to editing labs and software that are only [...]

Student City: The Spring Break Agency with All the Assets

Student City: The Spring Break Agency with All the Assets

Flights, hotels, activities, events and safety are all factors to take into consideration when students are planning their spring break.  While there are various agencies that can assist students with planning their dream spring break, many Marist students are using  Student City to plan their vacation for the upcoming spring.

“Since my friends are [...]

Marist Football in the Spotlight Fulltime, Thanks to Senior Capstone Project

The last step, final hurdle, one last challenge, throughout life people can experience many final tasks; at Marist College seniors are required to complete a final capstone project in order to receive a diploma.
Seniors Rachael Blair, Amanda Mastroberti, Mike Quinn, Matt Sutor, and Phil Terrigno all enrolled in the School of Communication and the Arts [...]