Registering for classes

Each semester students wake up early in the morning to register for classes for the next semester.  Many people feel that there are many issues with the registration process at Marist.  They complain about getting shut out of classes and often target this frustration towards the registrar.
In order to register for classes, students must meet [...]

Do you want to be on ESPN?

Beginning in November, a thirty-second commercial advertising Marist College will be aired on ESPN3 and ESPNU during Marist and MAAC athletic events. Although Marist has had commercials air on ESPN before, the school is taking the commercial in a different direction this year.
Previously, the commercial was merely a slideshow, highlighting the academic [...]

Marist College admissions office raising standards

Colleges across the nation are raising their admissions standards. With more students applying to college and a limited number of spots open, schools are forced to become more selective.
According to a study conducted by CBS, approximately 20.4 million students are currently enrolled in college and that number is expected to rise [...]

Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program is a non-credit certificate program, which provides students with varied and unique opportunities to define, discover, and develop their leadership style.  Students can attend meetings to gain networking with interdisciplinary experts, engage in cutting-edge conversations, help build their résumé, and gain a connection to an enhanced community which will help them [...]

Percentage of students defaulting on loans increases

With the presidential election just over a month and a half away, many college students are trying to determine who they will vote for based on the candidates’ plans for education and more specifically student loans.  President Obama’s plan is for loans to be consolidated and helps students reduce the risk of defaulting on their [...]