Freshmen Make Transition from High School to College

A new school year on campus has started, which means the time has come for freshman to make the transition from high school to college academia.

Marist College has started to gain more popularity around the nation, resulting in over 1,000 freshmen who came from all corners of the country. One of these students is freshman Bonnie Orr, who came to Marist College from Fresno, California. Like the rest of the 2014 class, this week Orr has started to make the shift to college academics.


Orr said she has more academic freedom but the classes are more challenging.

“I can tell that my class discussions and expectations are at a much higher level of thinking than my high school,” Orr said, “I find myself more engaged and interested in the topics and discussions.”

Like most upperclassmen know, Orr and the freshmen are also learning that with college academia comes more responsibility and less room for excuses.

Orr concludes, “Even though we haven’t gotten very far into the classes, so far I like them very much and am excited for the rest of the semester.”

Leanna Brittis

Leanna Brittis is a junior at Marist College. She is a communications major with a journalism concentration and fashion merchandise minor. Upon graduating in 2012, she hopes to work for a magazine focusing on fashion and pop culture.

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