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Are you are looking for a great elective or a new take on a core option? Do you wish you had someone to tell you the straight scoop about which courses to take? We’ve done some digging, and here are what some Marist students have to say about what is a good way to take care of some credit hours:

ENG 214/REST 214: Religious Themes in Literature

PHED 137: Sailing

COM XXX: Art of Film (video produced by… )

English Lit Special Topics:

PHED — coaching courses

FASH XXX: Writing for Fashion

PHIL 337: Political Philosophy

If you’re a political science major or just looking for something interesting to fill that philosophy elective, keep this class in mind. Focused on the philosophy behind governing from numerous different perspectives, it forces you to really think about how government is run, and what makes ours so successful in its mission, if it really is at all.

FREN 201 and 202: Workshops in Writing and Oral Expression

For anyone who’s taken high school French or are at an intermediate level in the language but want to improve their speaking/conversation skills or their writing, these are very good focused, interesting and involved classes for doing just that. Pursue a French minor or just immerse yourself further into la langue fran├žaise.

PSYC240L: Attraction and Romantic Relationships

History of the Hudson River Valley

CMSC 412: Robotics

HIST 345: Sex, Disease and Death

Psych 204L — Attraction and Romantic Relationships

PSYC 210: The Psychology of Sleep

FASH XXX: Visual Buying

MUSC XXX: History of Rock & Roll

ITAL 101-102: Elementary Italian

ITAL 250: The Civilization of Italy

POSC 120: The Role of the Interview in Survey Research

POSC 124: Polling and the Media

POSC 339: Public Opinion and Politics

Political Communications - Independent Study

PYSC 207 - The Exceptional Child

ART11N0: Basic Drawing

HONR321L: Art of Culture: Opera

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