Why was My575 created?

We wanted to create a place where you can easily find out what is going on at Marist and in the Marist community. My575 includes everything from reviews of local restaurants to students’ personal abroad experiences. Also, check out  “My Calendar” on the right to see current campus events!

Why is the website called My575?

The name comes from the first three digits in the Marist College phone number (575-3000) that connects the entire Marist Community.

Okay, but why the My?

This is the first student-run Marist lifestyle website. We encourage you to give us feedback through our interactive Comment Tool found below every post. This website was built for you, the student, and we want it to feel that way.

What do the Menu Tabs stand for?

  • Me Informed = General News
  • Me Involved = Club News
  • My Backyard = Local News
  • My Pop = Entertainment
  • My Teams = Sports News
  • My Trips = Abroad Stories

Can I write for My575?

Absolutely! Send us an email letting us know you’re interested in writing for My575 and we will get back to you with information on how to get started.

I have another question!

No problem. E-mail us with you question and we will get back to you as soon as we can.